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alamogordo mayor election results

On Tuesday night, after the Alamogordo City Commission meeting, Mayor Pro-Tem Nadia Sikes confronted Pion Post editor and founder John Block, claiming the October 20, 2021 article written about her radical record was not factually accurate. - Would you participate in a public drop in, questions and answers and/or a public forum hosted at Roadrunner Emporium 928 New York Avenue in mid-October? Specifically what shops and when? Tuesday vote and rather your candidate wins or looses it is important to not get complacent and to stay involved. Local courts The opportunity to make our green spaces look better, our downtown area look better, our outlooks BE better. Results last updated: 11/29/2021 1:30 PM MT. 15. 3. One of the reasons many people have given to wanting to sign the petition is that a majority of the public comment before and during the special meeting on Aug. 2 were against the resolution declaring Alamogordo a sanctuary for the unborn. It was not completely clear who the assailants were, but many people at the station told NPR they were voting for Peter Obi, and some voters said they felt intimidated by unknown figures around the unit. Copyright 2023 2nd Life Media According to the New Mexico Secretary of State's Candidate Portal, the Alamogordo mayoral race is a three-cornered contest between Alamogordo Mayor Pro Tem Nadia Sikes, Alamogordo. Nadia Sikes Response: "The opportunity to make us LOOK BETTER! Visit the Otero County website for current information about upcoming elections. As reported 3 weeks ago, controversial commissioner Susan Payne has entered the race for mayor though she refused to comment that she was running when asked repeatedly by the staff. Now let us make some presumptions for thoughts to ponder. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, a generally liberal Democrat, won a second term in office after winning a runoff election in 2017 with 62% of the vote. My previous employment includes working for Mazda Motor of America in Irvine, Ca., Seeds of Life Ministries, and the United Way of Otero County here in Alamogordo, NM. Export. 8. My high school grandchild is actually a baker and bakes beautiful cakes. I am serving My first term as Mayor after serving as a city commissioner for District 3 for the past six years. Friday night football games at tiger stadium. What will you do personally to support growth and revitalization of the corridor? A petition was started to take the City of Alamogordo's anti-abortion resolution to a referendum, meaning it could go before voters in special, mail-in election. In the Alamogordo School Board Position 2 position: In the Alamogordo School Board Position 5 race: Village of Cloudcroft Trustee positions are uncontested as are the Cloudcroft School Board positions. Though the race is non-partisan it does appear that the Republican party has done a better job than the others in driving out the vote. Susan Payne Response: "I will continue to support Alamogordo Mainstreet and their efforts including the funding that they currently receive for these types of projects. So, in that vein of thinking in our 26 questions we asked the two mayoral candidates question number 23. Given the job is a part time job and one of public service, would you be willing to accept the position if elected for NO pay and dedicate the public check each month to a local community organization rotating the donation monthly?. text-align: center; We enjoy going to our local high school sporting events as well as having the ability to virtually be in any part of our city in just minutes. Ms. Laperuta is the wild card as in her constituency and that of SusanPayne may have some cross over. I want to be a part of our transition!". "It has been a great place to raise our family and now we get to watch our grandchildren thrive as well. 4. What other job in American does one use other peoples money to campaign for and profit from? 14. City Councilor/Commissioner Position 4 has one candidate that being the incumbent Josua Rardin. - If you have held office please provide 3 pieces of legislation, ordinances, or initiatives that you personally sponsored that were focused on jobs or education. Precincts Fully: 1 / 1 | . The city had 30,898 residents as of 2020, according to the United States Census Bureau.[1]. Orogrande and Cienega are both mail ballot only precincts. Susan Payne and her husband Ray moved their family to Alamogordo in January of 1994. The race in Africa's most populous country was one of the hardest to predict and most tightly fought in years, with three prominent candidates. Otero County Results. New Mexico Municipal Courts 1376 E Ninth Street, Alamogordo, NM 88310. Its about the money, and this week in Otero County, New Mexico a jury will decide. The poll workers find a voter's information and print out that voter's specific ballot, help the voter submit the ballot in the ballot box while answering any questions the voter might have. Along the vein of pay, the question then becomes; are we as citizens getting the government, we pay these candidates to provide us? I am the Executive Director of Love INC of Otero County, a human services non-profit organization, since 2009. Think about that for a moment? because I operate a non profit it would inappropriate to focus too much energy on raising money for other non-profits although there are a couple that my husband and I personally support.". "I think it's really important for us to determine the course of our communities and to determine the course of our nation and our state," Thorp said. Susan Payne Response: "Hmmm??? 3. - What is your vision for the office you seek? Heated discussion at New Voices Otero protest August 6, 2022, Discussion between Dist 2 Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin, Otero County Commission Democratic nominee for same Stephanie DuBois and a protester, Alamogordo Commissioners approve abortion opposition, now a 'sanctuary for the unborn', New Mexico Attorney General's Office set up a hotline, Congressional report says Otero County was taken in by 'grifters' spreading election misinformation, Otero County resolution declaring the County a "sanctuary for life.

You decide? Our role as citizens is to be informed, educated, and ensure our local governmental leadership is responsive to our local community needs. [1], 1376 E. 9th Street U.S. President | They alleged there was large-scale manipulation of votes and that a new electronic system designed to strengthen and speed up the voting process was compromised. color: white; . (Of course, each candidate will more than likely defend their work suggesting they work countless hours for constituents and the city of Alamogordo.} No financial transactions will be processed after 5:30 pm, 1104 N. White Sands Blvd. New Mexico Secretary of State's 2021 local election results page, Our guide for Otero County voters on Election Day, Nov. 2, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. The Alamogordo mayoral race ended with Susan Payne victorious, garnering 64% of the 1,860 votes cast in the election. For more information about voting in Otero County visit the Otero County Clerk's website or call 575-437-4942. The last two weeks have shown Ms. Payne meeting with a variety of constituents, out and about and most visible of the two candidates. Courts in New Mexico, Who is on my ballot? - Name the top 5 locally owned businesses that you believe best represent the image you would like to see of Alamogordo going forward. Myers was at the corner of White Sands Boulevard and 10th Street Sunday, Aug. 28 through Thursday, Sept. 1 gathering signatures. Susan Payne Response: "Six years as a city commissioner, 2 years on the community development advisory board. Nadia Sikes Response: "See item 12 - I attend ribbon cuttings, shop at our retail stores, and eat at our restaurants. Ballot measures, Who represents me? We can no longer care for our family pet. There was the evening art walk once a month and I, along with MANY citizens was a regular attender. 5. .partytd.Republican { Nadia Sikes Response: "Proudest of my work with Code Enforcement, with improvements to our green spaces and the Bark Park, Alamogordo Mainstreet and ZIA, our public transportation, our library. According to the Otero County Clerk's Office, 1,679 voters had cast absentee ballots or voted early as of Oct. 29. of those voters, 951 were registered Republican, 555 were registered Democrat and 173 were self-identified as "other. Working with the NAACP, LULAC, Equality NM, etc., I have attended meetings, initiated presentations and workshops to build bridges and understanding. I also enjoy promoting the businesses, new or not so new, on my radio shows.". As Mayor I will continue to work with everyone for the betterment of our community.". School boards Would you participate in a public drop in, questions and answers and/or a public forum hosted at Roadrunner Emporium 928 New York Avenue in mid-October? With the Mayors race in the final throws of the election by the end of day on 11/2/21 Alamogordo will have elected a new mayor. Taxes. The candidates Susan Payne and Nadia Sikes each ran a campaign that started sluggishly but in the final 2 weeks Ms. Payne with momentum appears to be getting the vote out and is clearly more visible of the two candidates. Both have been seen at times as controversial in relation to certain issues. It is election time for the Alamogordo municipal elections and the election for mayor according to the New Mexico Secretary of State's Candidate Portal, is a three-cornered race between Alamogordo Mayor Pro Tem Nadia Sikes, Alamogordo District 3 City Commissioner Susan Payne and Alamogordo Resident Melissa Gayle Laperuta.. An email was sent to all 3 requesting a biography and to set up a time . Are those businesses even open at night and early morning? In Otero County, NM 36.0% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 61.6% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2.4% voted Independent. Statewide Voter Turnout. Alamogordo is in the middle of early voting for multiple positions within the municipal government. ", Fact Check The candidate gets a paycheck per the city budget, so the answer is rather misleading. Nadia Sikes Response: "All growth is good and I would support it!". The Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) used during the presidential polls for the first time was hailed by the electoral commission as an improved method to verify voters, using facial recognition and biometric data, and a faster way for electoral officials to post the results. - Provide a brief biography of your governing and business experience. Municipal government The resolution in question was approved by the the City Commission during an Aug. 2 special meeting that declared the City a "sanctuary for the unborn" seeking to ban the medical practice of abortion and other activities commissioners believed could put fetuses at risk. So, I ask those who are considering signing the petition, is it worth it to take away at least $25,000 from the City budget for a special election that will likely not change a thing?". - When we sit down 4 years from now what will you tell us you have accomplished while in the office you seek? At we respect any individual that puts their name in the hat and undergoes the scrutiny ones goes under for the role of public office. - What have you done to support local entrepreneurship and jobs growth the last 4 years? Americas Pebble Hills Invitational and Tigers delivered it! When is the last time you attended a High School Sports program? Otero Arts Puppet Show, Authors Lecture and More. State executives | Apply today! - Would you support a local city and or county ordinance that requires annual reporting and transparency of finances on anyone in elected office with annual reports on campaign fundraising? Provide a brief biography of your governing and business experience. Property. 6. Interns wanted: Get paid to help ensure that every voter has unbiased election information. Shortly after the New Mexico Audit Force canvass began, state governing agencies including the Office of the Lt. Having said that, I also recognize the rights of our property owners so always feel it is better to try to work with them to come to some kind of resolution. The city had 30,898 residents as of 2020, according to the United States Census Bureau. Rather the candidate spends her money on medical or dental insurance is irrelevant to the question. State officials ", Nadia Sikes Response: "Not only do I support financial reporting, I initiated an ordinance on the City level to require campaign finance reporting.
 padding-left: 10px !important; Each month the new businesses and renewing businesses are listed with their phone numbers. "I would like to say thank you to all my supporters," Payne said. Although the Otero County Clerk's Office handles the regular local elections, municipalities "are responsible for the cost and it would be held as an all-mail election," Otero County Clerk Robyn Holmes said. Total 1. Below are the 26 questions submitted to the candidates from and Susan Payne's responses 1. Jury Selection Begins Monday at the Otero County Courthouse of State of New Mexico v Couy Griffin and Cowboys for Trump, Couy Griffin Interview and email excerpts, 2nd Life Media Event Calendar. We each have a responsibility to do our part in civic engagement. Incentives or accommodations by the city were given to the Medlin Ramps leadership with a commitment of so many jobs to be created. "There is no money budgeted this year for municipal elections, so if this petition receives enough signatures, the petitioners would force the City to take away funding from important city-funded services. Fact Check  the question was what three pieces of legislation, ordinances or initiatives did you personally sponsor that were focused on jobs or education. - When is the last time you attended a High School Sports program? 10. Ms. Sikes response that she would support and ordinance to pay the mayor and the commissioners more fairly is concerning. Sikes is a retired marketing professional. Ms. Payne & Ms. Sikes congratulations on your run for mayor! New Mexico statewide ballot measures School districts | Buildings and Grounds. An informed citizen is important as the role of the mayor and the commission is to work on behalf of Alamogordos citizens. The Municipal Court of Alamogordo is one of 80 municipal courts in New Mexico. Susan Payne Response: "Ive devoted my entire time in office to both. Thus, the board and Ms. Payne has acted related to jobs and education, yet both candidates seem to have skimmed over their actions in their responses. 0 % 0 % Fully 0. ", ( comment, Who? I am personally not opposed to bringing this back before commission and actually talked about that at the Mainstreet meeting last week.". I thought it a brilliant way to promote New York Avenue and the downtown businesses. Violent attacks and voter intimidation also marred the polls in some areas and disenfranchised voters. Susan Payne Response: "I support all of our businesses and would never pick just 5". Visit the Otero County website for current information about upcoming elections. Susan Payne Response: "This is an ordinance that has been enacted since the 90s. will seek interviews with each candidate and will be pulling candidate financial reports, pulling their records and researching each candidate and their stances and work for their constituents. Does Animal Control have a volunteer program? - Do you support an arts and cultural zone and diversity? Vote, the future of Alamogordo is decided by your vote. Nadia Sikes Response: "My job as a Commissioner has been FULL-TIME. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Nadia Sikes Response: "Bio previously provided. 	background-color:  #db0000; Both candidates were offered an equal campaign contribution if they demonstrated a willingness to come to Roadrunner Emporium and show support for the downtown merchants. - What have you done to welcome new businesses into Alamogordo? They love our city and all that it has to offer. The Commissions work with OCEDC and providing LEDA funding has focused on jobs.". Along that line we asked the following question, - If you have held office please provide 3 pieces of legislation, ordinances, or initiatives that you personally sponsored that were focused on jobs or education. How to run for office | .partytd.Gray { 1101 New York Avenue Alamogordo, NM 88310-6935 Phone: 575-437-7427 Fax: 575-443-2904 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion.  New Mexico Court of Appeals Election monitors from the European Union said in a statement, a "lack of transparency and operational failures reduced trust in the process and challenged the right to vote. There again, what happened to service for ones community?  Showing our unwavering support and pride for all things military, first responder and law enforcement related. PublishedFebruary 28, 2023 at 12:35 PM MST. Additionally will be hosting a public forum for candidates to be announced soon. EXPORT: SHARE ON. In the Alamogordo City Mayoral race with a total of2,494votes counted: In the Alamogordo Municipal Judge race with a total of 2,424 votes counted: In the Alamogordo School Board Position 2 position with a total of 600 votes counted: In the Alamogordo School Board Position 5 race with a total of 609 votes counted: In the Cloudcroft Municipal Judge race with 37 votes counted: In the Tularosa Board of Trustees Position 2 race with a total of 147 votes counted: In the Tularosa Baord of Trustees Position 3 race with 146 votes counted: In the Tularosa School Board Position 2 race with 209 votes counted: In the Tularosa School Board Position 3 race with 212 votes cast: In the Tularosa School Board Position 5 race with 207 votes counted: Polls opened across Otero County at 7 a.m. on Nov. 2 for Election Day voting in the 2021 local elections. 

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